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Debris Chutes

We come into rescue with our best quality debris chutes to overcome one of the major hazard factor that the construction sector faces while discharging wastes. Debris chutes can tackle the problem without scattering of debris and avoid accidents to workers or pedestrians in the vicinity thus preventing financial loss.

Improper discharge of debris leads to the following problems

  • Accidents which are mostly fatal.
  • Big financial and legal liabilities.
  • Risky working environment for workmen, staff and visitors.
  • Deviation from the new OSHAS and ISO 14000 norms.
  • High level of dust and noise.
  • Greater amount of manpower for debris disposal.
  • Tedious duct cleaning.
  • Difficult task in densely populated areas

Since there is a lack of high grade debris disposition method in the current global market, the CENTRAL CHUTES have developed an innovative way to manage solid wastes, at constructional sites, in the best possible way considering all safety and hygienic standards. These debris chutes are designed based on the latest technology and guarantee to be eco-friendly and user friendly.

Key features of debris chutes

  • Manufactured using special grade of plastic
  • The product is light weight
  • Resistant to Ultra Violet (UV) impact and durability beyond 12 years
  • Easily Erected
  • Easily dismantled
  • Easily transported
  • Lower dust and noise levels with better working conditions at construction site
  • Debris disposal involves reduced manpower
  • Reduced installation and operating costs
  • Less Storage volume required
  • Can be reused over several projects
  • Best impact strength and ware resistance
  • Product is User Friendly
  • Erection of the debris chutes is possible on outer periphery of the building
  • Erection can be done on RCC structure or Scaffoldings
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