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In the rapidly growing and highly competitive world of today; high-rise buildings, large apartments serving commercial and residential, and construction buildings have become hallmarks of urban development. This development usually comes with a significantly increased challenge in removing solid waste, refuse or garbage from high-rise buildings with multiple levels.

Central Chutes, a manufacturer, have therefore been developed as effective solutions to the problems of garbage collection and disposal for multiple-leveled high-rise buildings for residential and commercial apartments, with the in-built advantages of convenience, efficiency, safety and hygiene.

Central Chutes manufacturing facility is in India and we aim to reach the International Market by focusing both on Domestic Markets and International Exports, we have the ability to customize the needs of the client by developing any new options or design out of our catalogue. Central Chutes targets to focus on municipal requirements of the different markets and is researching on developing several new products which will be sustainable for the customers and Cleaning Industry for long.

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